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Preachings By Ashane

Hi Guys !

I am Ashane. A 12 Year Old Boy. I am still going school inside my house because of this Covid-19. So I hope You Guys Are Fine ? So I am Teaching or you can say preaching the Word Of God. So I will teach Preachings, Teachings Of Jesus, Pslams, Word Of God, Bible Stories And Prayers.

First I will Talk about Preaching. Preaching is kind of like Teaching the Things that Jesus Told us when he was living with us in this World. For Example Jesus Taught about the Kingdom Of God, Parables & How to be Holy? Especially Jesus Did Miracles & Healing. So I will preach. Everyone in The World Can Subscribe Kids Media And Watch the Preaching By Ashane. So that’s About Preachings.

Now I am going to talk about Teachings Of Jesus. I am teach the Teachings Of Jesus for example How to Be Holy ? I am going to teach you How To Be Holy ? So you can Watch these Videos In Kids Media. I haven’t upload yet until that watch the Videos i have uploaded in Kids Media.

Now I am going to talk about the Word Of God. I am going to Read Out the Word Of God. For Example I have uploaded a Video The title is Word Of God. I am going to Upload Videos like that too. And actually I have uploaded three Videos so you can watch those Videos.

Now I am going to talk about Bible Stories. I am going to readd about Bible Stories. For Example I am uploaded a Video about The Beginning Of Creation so you can watch that now.

The Last one I am going to Talk About Now is Prayers. For Example Our Father, Hail Mary, etc…. So Subscribe our Channel ‘Kids Media’ Now. So See You Guys In another Day.

Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!