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I am here to talk about plants and Waterin this Article. First I am going to talk about plants. Plants gives us a lot of things Such as Oxygen, Material and a lot more.So do not pollute. Pollute means throwing Garbage, Smoking And Such things that will effect Nature are pollution.

Plants gives us Oxygen to breathe. Oxyen is the Gas we breathe. So if we cut down trees it will decrease the Oxygen that we breathe and sometimes we may die so do not cut down trees and trees are used to make medicine and the food we eat comes from trees For Example Apple, Wood Apple And Most of the Fruits.

Trees gives us and Animals Shelter when there is Rain or When it is Sunny the Trees are there to Give Us Shelter. And it helps us to Clean the Air And Water and It gives us Jobs And Materials Like Paper through Leaves And Wood through the tree’s trunk.

As you know we have to Save Trees because it Gives us Lots of Facilities as i told you. And another thing that plants gives us is Fuel. We can let people cut less trees by not wasting a lot of papers which will be a great help for the Trees. And we can increase plants by planting plants through Seeds. Then you must water the plant everyday or Every Morning And When you plant plants you have to plant it in a place where Sunlight is able to reach it.

When you find too much leaves in trees and troubles you can can cut down not the tree but some leaves only. And Remember God Made these trees for us So we must Save those for God.

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