Hey Fans!

I am Ashane Fernando And I am 12 years Old. And this is the Kids Media’s Home or Official Website. So I am here to talk about Our Homes. Everyone has a Home Even Most of the Animals in the World. Home is a very important place and there are different rooms in our home and sometimes on roads there are some people begging and just staying on the road almost every part of the earth they are staying like that because they don’t have a Home to live so that’s why we must pray to God And Thank him for giving you guys a home and do pray and thank God for Everything so you can pray to God and thank him for Everything that God Has Given to you.

Now let’s talk about home. Home gives us Shelter, A place to live, A place to play and all most all the things you do now. You should not put rubbish around your house if you did you must clean it immediately. And I your room is untidy you must clean it and keep the toys in a specific place. Home is the Place you and your family lives and sometimes you leave the house to go some place right ? ,so sometimes you miss your house right ? that means you Love your House So¬† Much you don’t want to leave without it and sometimes when you go somewhere you or your parents must lock the door otherwise another person can come inside your house and steal stuff ot that person can act like that is his house so you or your parents must lock the door. And kids Media’s Home is this Website we lock this Website with the Password So that’s an Example I told you about our Home.

So That’s it I told you fans about our Home and Subscibe Our Official Youtube Channel “Kids Media” And See You Next Time! Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!