Hi Fans !

I am Ashane I am a 12 year old kid i made this website by myself.

Hi fans of Kids Cartoon Hub Are you fans are staying at home right ? Until that you can watch these videos as you stay home. All your favourite cartoons are staying here too because this is their home. So watch these videos daily here at Kids Cartoon Hub. As you fans know we upload nusery rhymes, cartoon, movies and more. So Kids Cartoon Hub uploads all you favourite cartoons. We have uploaded a lot of videos more than 1000 so you can watch these videos daily. Kids Cartoon Hub is a Entertainment Portal for Kids.

We upload almost all the cartoons we know we will upload more videos after 1-2 months because we have started a new channel called Kids Media. So you can watch that channel and subscribe my channel for more Animal Videos such as Tortoises, Birds , Squirrels, etc…., We are uploading new episodes after 1 week or you can say 7 days. So Subscribe our Channel Kids Media for more Videos. So i said these stuff as a message from Kids Cartoon Hub.

I will upload preachings of God (Jesus) and The Word Of God and The Important verses of the Holy Bible, Barney Full and Short Episodes, Avengers Long and Short Episodes, Mcqueen Long and Short Episodes, Thomas & Friends Full and Short Episodes in Kids Media the Official Channel of Kids Cartoon Hub. And we will start a New Cartoon Coming Soon…… And a Games Channel called Kids Games Channel which we will upload all the games what we know there so you can Subscribe our Official Games Channel and Watch those Videos. So you can stay safe from this Covid-19 Pandamic and Stay Home watch these Videos and don’t foget to Subscribe our Channels and read the messages that we will publish on Kids Cartoon Hub.

Stay Home! Be Safe! God Bless You!