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Thomas & Friends By Kids Toys 4u

Hi Fans !

I am going to talk to you about Thomas and Friends By Kids Media. You may wonder how we do it sometimes right ? So I am going to talk about How to we do these.

First, I will introduce who is doing these. I (Ashane) is Videoing, Moving Characters, Voice actor And Adjustments. My brother (Shane) is Voice Acting And Moving Engines. And My little Sister (Christina) is going to join soon.So is just three of us doing this whole channel.

Second, I will tell you how we do that. We first plan individually then We video during the morning or afternoon.After that we video after that i tell Shane what to do For Example I am telling m brother what to tell by pausing or By Cutting the Video. And I tell my brother what to tell. And when there is an unfortunate sound For Example Vehicle Sounds We pause the Video. It is a hard work but we still do it.

Third, Voice Acting We usually do that while videoing because it is easy because my little brother listens to me. And i am the one who is Videoing while Voice Acting.

After that we will soon upload a Movie of Thomas And Friends On Internet Soon. Still thinking what to do, What to tell, What Engines, What Places And A Name. So Stay Tuned. We Still do the Channel although It is Hard Work for us but we Never Give Up.

So the last thing We have done Videoing, Moving Characters, Voice acting And Adjustmenting I adjust the Video putting effects, cutting long pieces and mistakes we upload to Internet for people to watch.

So that’s it ! I have done telling you how we do the Video of Thomas And Friends So See you. Subscribe Kids Media. Thank You ! God Bless You ! Stay Safe !