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The Holy Mass.

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How Are You ? I am fine. So I am here to talk about the The Holy Mass. The Holy Mass is a celebration made by Jesus when he died on the cross. So The Holy Mass remembers us the Suffering Of Jesus on The Cross. So we have to participate the Holy Mass for Jesus because he died because of our Sins so participate in the Holy Mass for Jesus.

Jesus is the Son Of God. God sent his Only Son Jesus to Save us from Sins because we are commiting Sins we may not but others are commiting such as Crime, Stealing And More Sins So Jesus Died because of our Sins so we have to Participate in the Holy Mass for Jesus.

In the Holy Mass we receive Jesus to our Body. Small Kids Like Eight and Below won’t be able to receive Jesus because they don’t understand about The Power Of Jesus That we are receiving but Nine and More are able to Receive Jesus. So Participate In the Holy Mass If you did Jesus will give you everything you want especially when you are receiving Jesus you can ask Anything Jesus will give you whatever you want if you trust Jesus. Sometimes it will take days and weeks doesn’t matter you must trust in Jesus because Jesus has kept a day for your prayer request to come true. So Participate In The Holy Mass.

Listen to the Gospel and The Homily of the Priest and write those in a Seperate Book so when ever you are in trouble or any other situation the Gospel and The Homily of the Priest is there to Guide You and those are the answer for your trouble or any other situation.

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