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Hey Fans!

How are You? I am Fine. I have something to tell you guys. I have Big News! Are you Ready? There is A New Movie that we are creating Soon. It’s Name is Thomas And Friends Thomas Goes Around The World it is produced by Kids Media. The Engines are Toby, Thomas, Salty, Mavis, James, Victor, Edward And  Emily. There are a lot of things happening is Thomas Goes Around The World. This will be the First Wooden Train Railway Of Thomas And Friends Movie in the Whole World.

Thomas Meets your favourite Cartoons Such As Avengers, Barney And Mcqueen. Avengers is fighting Crime in Australia, Barney in USA ( United States Of America ) And Mcqueen Racing in China. So Thomas is Going or Visiting Australia, USA ( United States Of America ) And China so Subscribe Kids Media NOW. May be we will upload it LIVE so Subscribe Our Official Channel Kids Media.

Avengers are fighting Bad guys like Black Spider Man And Clones Of Batman, Spider Man And Captain America the Captain of the Avengers. Thomas Helps The Avengers to fight Crime. They are going in a Ship or you can all it as Super Ship of Avengers. It is so Cool they Move from Australia to France.

Mcqueen is Racing in China with is friends Finn, Police, Bus And Matter it is a great Race and Thomas wants to join in that Race too but he can’t but he Saves The Day.

Barney is Teaching Children through Internet about ABC, 123 and more. Thoms joins in Teaching Children through Internet with Barney. So Subscribe our Channel Kids Media for the Movie which is Coming Soon.

This is more like a Crossover Of Thomas And Friends / Barney / Avengers / Mcqueen so Subcribe Kids Media for the Movie of Thomas Goes Around The World. So Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!