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Kids Games

Hey Fans!

We have started a New Channel called Kids Games Channel which we upload all games so you can Subscribe this Channel Now. I know Games are not good but you can watch these Videos without playing. People loves games so I started a New Channel. I will upload Games like Thomas And Friends, Racing, Vehicles, Heroism, Cartoon Games, Colouring Games to teach Colours, Educational Games, Police Games, Avengers Games, Talking Tom Games, Games for girls And More. So you can Subscribe Our Channel Now. And I am here to talk about  Games Advantages And Disadvantages So Read this. This is for your own Good.

Now I am going to talk about Advantages about Games. We can learn a lot through Games like Education One, Two, Three And ABC and More so Can play games but not Everyday. Now there are a lot when it comes to Educational but for now i am telling you this much only.

Okay Now i am going to talk about Disadvantages of Games. When I mean Disadvantages these ae not good for you And Advantages not Good for you but Better Qualities. Now Disadvantages. It is not good for your eyes that’s why i upload onl once a Week And Play and Video Once A Week Because I know it is not good for Me. Playing Games Everyday will Make your Eye Sight Damaged. If it is Damaged You must wear Spectacles for at least One to Three Years So Don’t Play Games Everyday. And Another Disadvantage is You will get addicted. Addicted is you can’t stay without it so don’t Play Games Everyday.

So that’s it So don’t play Games Everyday. You can play once a Week And Don’t Forget to Subscribe Our Official Games Channel ” Kids Games Channel “. See you Next Time! Thank You! Stay Safe! God Bless You!