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I am here to talk about Food.Food are the things that we eat so food is very important for us so we must not play with our foodand we must pray to God because he gave us food to eat. We must pray to God for our Food because some people don’t have food to eat and they are suffering in hunger but we are so lucky to have food so don’t pla and make fun of your food.

Don’t Eat Junk Food Because it can give you a stomach ache or make your teeth decay so don’t Eat Junk Food. What is the Reason we must not Eat Junk Food ? I’ll tell you why because it is made of sugar too much sugar and some Junk Foods are made from Oil such as Chips so don’t eat Junk Food And When you Eat Junk Food It will make your Teeth Decay or make it Bad and you must go to the Dentist and take you teeth out but before the dentist remove the Teet, the dentist injections or shots inside your mouth or where your cheeks are the inside will be injectioned or shotted and then removes the teeth so don’t Eat Junk Food. Junk Food makes You Sick And Makes you fat too that’s why some people are fat so Eat Healthy Food.

Healthy Foods are Foods that makes you healthy such as No Sugar And No Oil so Healthy Food are the foods made by your parents so eat those foods but not Junk Food. and Junk Food includes coloured drinks so but you can drink drinks that are made by your home but not everytime if you do it will make you sick.

So that’s It and Don’t Forget to Subscribe Our Channel ” Kids Media ” And Eat healthy Food And you can eat Junk Food Time by time but not everytime. So See You Next Time! Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!