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Barney By Kids Toys 4u

Hey Fans!

Welcome To The Official Website of Kids Media and I am Ashane And I am 12 years old. Me , My amll Brother And My Small Sister Made this Website Kids Cartoon Hub And The Youtube Channels Kids Media, Kids Games Channel And Relaxation Videos Under the Guidance of Our Parents. Barney is A puple And Green Dinosaur which Educates Children Right? But This Barney is A Stuffed Barney That Educates Children And This Barney also Gives you life lessons which will help you.

Barney is A Very good Cartoon when I was small I used to watch Barney At least ten Times a Day But Now I don’t watch barney because I am growing bigger but I can help you to Learn And I can Educate you through Barney the dinosaur. My little Sister And My little Brother And Me Are still working On Barney because it is a Big Job. I (Ashane) must put Effects And Must Cut the Bad Scenes And I must Video In One Hand And Move Barney In another Hand. I didn’t started yet beacuse I must do my School Work And Study At least 5 hours I am Starting To Study Hard Today. I am Separating My time to Study And Do my school Work And To do Kids Media And Kids Cartoon Hub.

Kids Media is going to bring Barney To you around the 20th of August 2020 or the 30th Of August. I am uploading to Barney to these Days Because Hopefully Mu Term Test will be over around that date or before But I will make the Video And Upload At least One Video to Kids Media about Barney And I will upload Behind the Scenes Of Kids Media To Kids Media And Kids Cartoon Hub. So you can Understand How Hard we are working To Bring Up Kids Media.

So that’s It. Subscribe Our Official Youtube Channel Kids Media. See You Next Time! Thank You! Stay Safe! God Bless You!