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About Being A Good Person

Hey Fans !

We have uploaded a lot of articles you can read that Right Now. This is an Article from Preachings By Ashane.So you all have to be good people because God is looking where ever you go even Anywhere In The World. So you have to be Good like Jesus. You can be Good by not committing sins so you have to not comit sin.

Sin is the ways or actions which is not good for example Stealing, Hitting, Etc. So you have to stop doing those because I am not doing those i feel good So especially Kids And Teenagers must Be Good. Being Good will give you everything for Example If you are a Kid or a Teenager you can be Good for one month or one week so your Parents will take you any where you like or will give anything you want sometimes but mostly they do especially for Christmas.

When you listen to your Parents it is also Being Good. If you have been or you will be Good you can watch the Video which I will upload soon so you can put in the Comments below if you have been or you will be Good.When you listen to your Parents i said it is good right ? So if you listen to your parents they will you anything which will make you happy during Christmas.

When you study it is also good and it makes your Parents happy and will take you any where you like or will give anything you want sometimes. I have experience a lot of these because i was good like this once i was the first in the Class in Grade Three And my parents gave me a surprise during Christmas So you can do that too.

So that’s it and don’t forget to Subscribe our Channel Kids Media And I hope you will be Good. So Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!