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A Name For the New Cartoon Has Been Planned

Hey Fans!

Welcome To the Home Of Kids Cartoon hub And I am Ashane ( Creator Of Kids Cartoon Hub And Kids Media And Kids Games Channel And Relaxation Videos. ) And i am 12 years Old. My Little Brother And My little Sister ( Employees including Ashane ) Also Made Kids Caroon Hub And Kids Media Under the Guidance of Our parent. My Father’s Name is Lasitha. And My Mother’s Name Is Asha. They are My parents Who help in Planning And Advising And Guiding. In this Article I am going to talk about A Name For the New Cartoon Has Been Planned. I thinked And Thinked And At last i got a name and character for the new Cartoon. It is also made up of Stuffed Toys, barney is also included in this Cartoon. The New Cartoon’s Name is The Stuffy Club. Because All the Character are Stuffed Toys And Some other Characters that are not stuffed toys will be there in this New Cartoon Too.

I am Still Thinking What Names To Put to the Characters. The Characters Picture It’s on Kids Media our Official Youtube Channel. The Youtube Link of our Offiicial Youtube Channel will be uploaded here in this Youtube Channel Soon. If you have Any Idea For The Name Of the Characters And The Name Of the Places for The Cartoon Named The Stuffy Club email it to me. My Email Address is in the Contact Page in this Website Kids Cartoon Hub. And you can ask questions about this New Cartoon And about this Website And Our Youtube Channel through my Email Address which is in the Contact Page in the Wesite Kids Cartoon Hub.

So that’s it. I told you about the New Cartoon The Stuffy Club. So Subscribe our Official Youtube Channel Kids Media for this New Cartoon And Thank You for Reading This Article. So See You Next Time! Stay Safe! Thank You! God Bless You!