Hey Fans !

Welcome to Kids Cartoon Hub. Are you Fine ? I am fine and so is my parents and simblings. This is the Official Kids Website. This is the first Kids’ Website in the Whole World.

So I am going to talk about behind the Scenes of Kids Media And Kids Cartoon Hub. Kids Media is the Official Youtube Channel of Kids Cartoon Hub.

Kids Media is just containing Seventeen to Eighteen Videos in Kids Media. So you still have to Subscribe our Channel Please. Now I am going to tell you how we do Kids Media first.

I told you fans about Kids Media Thomas And Friends if you didn’t read it yet you can read it now. I am going to talk about all the Videos we will upload and we have uploaded.

First Stories, Ashane reads and Videos and My brother Directs or watches the Video without shouting sometimes in Videos you may here shouting that’s my Little Sister Christina playing. So sometimes you can see the Video shaking that’s because i am videoing the video with one hand the oher hand i am showing the words although it pains i still video as I said in last article i never give up.

Second Nature Videos, This was my Mother’s Idea and my Father videos and me, my brother and my sister shows the Animals. And i adjust the videos by putting Copyright Free Music (Nature Music) and Cut the Shaking Parts.

And we will Upload Barney, Avengers And Mcqueen and we will try to upload Dora. So Subscribe our Channel because I am going to surprise my parents by getting thousand Subscribers And Four Thousand Hours so Please Help me because you are the ones who must help so Please Subscribe my Channel.

So See You And I will talk about Behind The Scenes of Kids Cartoon Hub on another day. Thank You ! God Bless You ! Stay Safe !