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About Us

I am Ashane Fernando. I am 12 years Old And My Little Brother Is Shane Fernando. He is 7 years old. My Little Sister is Christina Fernando And She is 4 years old. Three of Us Made this Website ‘ KidsĀ  Cartoon Hub ” And Youtube Channel ” Kids Media ” with My Parents Help.

Kids Cartoon Hub is Our Official Website which is Helpful And Good for Everyone in the World and As I know this is the First Kids Website In the Whole World.

Kids Media is our Official Youtube Channel which Entertains, Comedy, Educational, And More. And Subscribe ” Kids Media ” on Youtube and Stay Tuned for More Videos On Youtube.

My parents decided to make a website called ” Kids Cartoon Hub “And Make A youtube Channel called ” Kids Media ” In 2018, I made a Youtube Channel called Sash Media, And then I decided to Rename the Channel to Kids Media.

I started to upload Thomas And Friends then Stories of Thomas And Friends and then I imagine more people Subscribing to My Channel after uploading more so I got the Help of My parents then they Gave lots of ideas and I put them all together and made a channel called Kids Media And A website Called Kids Cartoon Hub and then My Father told me Lots Of People Are Watching Games and then I opened Another Youtube Channel Called Kids Games Channel and you can also Subscribe that.

This Website is Good and Educational for your Kids To Learn and I am going to start a Youtube Channel called Preachings By Ashane and you can Subscribe to that Channel too because it is all about the Word Of God and I will upload little pieces or Important pieces of Preachings By Ashane on Kids Media too.

So that’s About Our Youtube Channels and Our Official Website Kids Cartoon Hub. See you Next Time! Thank You! Stay Safe! God Bless You!